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Veterinary Care Done Right At-Home.

ReadiVet at-home, on-demand veterinary care trades the waiting room for your living room, so your pet can stay out of the clinic and on the couch.

 Our veterinarians don’t disrupt the environment where your pet thrives— that means less stress for our patients and for their people.

1. Book An Appointment

Simply book an appointment online or by calling/texting us at 469-369-2456. Whether your pet needs vaccines, or something that requires more immediate attention, one of our full-time veterinarians can arrive at your home same-day.

2. ReadiVet Comes To You

One of our experienced veterinarians and their accompanying vet technician will arrive at your home, ready to tend to your pet. Busy day? Our vet team can take care of your pet when you are stuck at work, all while you join the visit via video chat.

3. Happy, Healthy, and Stress free!

It’s as simple as that. Full-service pet care, without the stress of going to a clinic. If for any reason your pet needs more care than can be provided at home, such as x-rays or surgery, ReadiVet will transport your pet to our fully equipped office and back, while ensuring your furry friend is calm and cared for.

What Dallas is Saying About ReadiVet

Why Choose ReadiVet?

Less Stress (For Both of You)

Few things are as stressful as going to the vet, not only for our pets, but also for us pet parents. For our pets there are unknown smells, strangers everywhere, and on top of all of that the fact that they may not be feeling their best. For pet parents, it is the emotional toll of putting them through something that causes them distress-- all while reshuffling your entire day to make sure you have the time to make the trip. ReadiVet saves you and your pet the stress by coming directly to your home.

Never Have To Choose Between Your Pet And "That Meeting You Can't Miss" Again

After we have visited your pet once with you present, we can come take care of your loved one while you are at work, running an errand, or stuck at the airport. We can even video chat with you the entire time so that you don't miss a single thing.

Transparent & Affordable Pricing

Other than your pet's health, nothing is more valuable to us than your trust. We believe in completely transparent pricing and will only recommend what we believe is in the best interest of your pet.

The ReadiVet Difference

We pride ourselves on being the top choice for pet parents who want to give their loved ones the best. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and thrive on the long-lasting relationships we build with our patients.


Full-Time Veterinarians
Transparent Pricing
HQ in Dallas, Texas
Significantly Reduced Stress For Your Pet
Full-Service (From Nose to Tail)

Traditional Vet Clinics

Full-Time Veterinarians
Transparent Pricing
HQ in Dallas, Texas
Low-Stress For Your Pet
Full-Service (From Nose to Tail)


Traditional Vet Clinics

Full-Time Veterinarians
Transparent Pricing
HQ in Dallas, Texas
Pet Stress Level
Significantly Reduced
Full-Service (From Nose to Tail)

Dallas is Our Home. 

Our full service animal clinic is located in the heart of Uptown Dallas! To keep our patients and their parents happy, we keep our service area close to home. For out-of-home services like x-rays, dental cleanings, and surgeries, we will drive your pet from your home to our clinic and back.

We’re happy to announce ReadiVet has expanded! We are now servicing the McKinney, Frisco, Plano and Allen suburbs.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay?

Base exam

As long as you are in our service area, ReadiVet will come to you and provide a comprehensive physical exam of your pet for $59.

We’re happy to travel outside of our primary service area depending on location and availability! An out of service charge will apply based on your location. Check to see if you are in our service area by clicking Book an Appointment Now and inputting your zip code.

Comprehensive Wellness Visits

Your pet’s annual wellness checkup lays the foundation for a healthy year. Readivet offers comprehensive annual visits and 6 month checkups for both dogs and cats. Note: the pricing of our wellness visits include us coming to you!

For a full list of prices and included services check the dropdown below.

additional services

Price Varies
There are times when your pet may require additional services, like a dental cleaning or bloodwork. Depending on your pet's needs, prices may vary.

For a sample of common additional services see the dropdown below.

Full Service Cost Breakdown

These prices reflect our commitment to price transparency, as we remove the hidden fees typically found at most traditional veterinary practices. If you have additional questions about our pricing, contact us at info@readivet.com or 469-369-2456.


Comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit - $199

The Comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit is tailored to meet your dog's specific needs, which typically include:

1. Comprehensive Physical Exam
2. Rabies Vaccine
3. Distemper & Parvo w/Leptospirosis Vaccine
4. Heartworm Test
5. Intestinal Parasite Exam
6. Bordetella Vaccine
7. Canine Influenza Vaccine         
Neuter - $329
Spay - $379
Heartworm Test - $40
Intestinal Parasite Exam - $30

Individual Vaccinations:
Bivalent (Influenza) - $40
Bordetella - $20
Da2p - $35
Leptospirosis - $20
Rabies - $35


Comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit - $149

The Comprehensive Annual Wellness Visit is tailored to meet your cat’s specific needs, which typically include:

1. Comprehensive Physical Exam
2. Rabies Vaccine
3. FVRCP Vaccine
4. Leukemia Vaccine
5. Intestinal Parasite Exam
Neuter - $279
Spay - $329
Intestinal Parasite Exam - $30

Individual Vaccinations:
FVRCP - $29
Leukemia - $29
Rabies - $29

Additional Services

ReadiVet offers the following additional services. Prices include transportation to and from our clinic located in Uptown Dallas.

Dental Cleaning - $399 (Includes: Bloodwork, fluids, catheterization, anti-nausea medication and monitoring)
Dental Extractions - Price varies based on complexity
Urinalysis - $50
X-Rays - $149
Bloodwork - $119-$219
Microchip - $65 (includes activation fee)
Euthanasia w/Communal Cremation - $299
Euthanasia w/Private Cremation - $399

Medication Delivery - Complimentary
We ask that medication delivery requests are submitted by 12:30 PM in order to receive same-day service. Requests submitted after 12:30 PM will be delivered the following business day.

*Additional testing may be required.

Puppy & Kitten Care Plans

50% Off Wellness Exams included with puppy and kitten vaccination series

ReadiVet makes it simple! Every time we visit your fur baby to administer beginner vaccinations, you'll receive 50% off the regular $59 base exam fee. Puppies and kittens usually receive between 3-4 rounds of vaccinations, which means more money in your pocket for toys and treats!

Every Care Plan visit includes a complimentary nail trim, yippee!

*Limited to puppies and kittens up to 6 months of age.

Featured Vet

ReadiVet veterinarians are highly educated, licensed and experienced in providing all kinds of quality care. They’ve been around the block, leash in hand.

Meet Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben Clemmett was born in Sheffield, England and moved to Birmingham, AL when he was  two years old. He completed his undergraduate studies and his veterinary school at Auburn University. 

Dr. Ben has 6 fur babies, 3 dogs at home (Scout, Cricket, and Poppy) along with 3 cats (Piper, Theo, and Dega). He enjoys watching football, spending time with his pets, and spending time outdoors.


If you have additional questions we haven't covered in our FAQ, please reach out to us and we will give you a straight answer. We are dedicated to earning your trust through providing full transparency and incredible care for you and your pets.

What is ReadiVet? How does it work?

ReadiVet is an at-home veterinary care service. One of our veterinarians and his/her veterinary technician come to your home and provide a full range of veterinary care services for your pet. From vaccines to sick care, we do it all.

Since you all come to me, do I need to be home for the appointment?

You do not! We can get a key from under the mat or the front desk of your apartment building. Your vet will patch you in to the visit over the phone or via teleconference. If it’s your pet's first appointment without you there, we require that you join for at least the beginning of the visit over teleconference to make sure we get to know you and your pet.

How is ReadiVet so affordable?

ReadiVet is affordable because our vets don’t go very far. The Vet that services you, services your neighbors - and that’s about it. As a result, they don’t drive halfway across town to get to their next appointment. Not only does our limited service area make care affordable, but our “local but mobile” vets also know the problems facing the pets in your area. Urban pets and rural pets are two different breeds!

How do I pay? What payment methods do you accept?

ReadiVet requires a credit or debit card to confirm a booking. However, we will not charge your card until a bill has been finalized after the visit.

Will you ever need to transport my pet elsewhere?

If for any reason your pet needs more care than we can provide at home, such as x-rays or surgery, ReadiVet will transport your pet to our fully equipped office and back (you’re always welcome to join us at the office as well!).

Do you offer at-home euthanasia services? What about cremation services?

We do offer at-home euthanasia for pets about to pass over the rainbow bridge. We can transport and cremate your pet, privately or communally.


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